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Apr 30, 2013    Uncategorized

New RCMpeep. Longtime RCM Fan.


Ten years. At least. That’s how long I’ve known Annie Liao Jones, our founder. I remember when I met her – even then her personality could fill a room. This is a woman who is sure of herself and her place in the world. How else to explain the kind of press Rock Candy Media receives? Just check out the latest in the Austin Business Journal.

When you stop to think about it (which we don’t often, because, hey, we’re slammin’ busy), it’s quite remarkable what has been accomplished in just a few short years. Annie founded RCM right about the time the economy was tanking. And, with any new venture, there have been some missteps. But, nonetheless, the company has continued to grow.

Adding the Rock Candy Life division, was either inspired or sheer lunacy, depending upon your point of view. But it worked. Today, RCL is getting its own press (hey, Jessica Alba, say what!?), adding new stores, and serving as a micro-lab of the sorts of things RCM can achieve for any client.

I’m Christie, the new Production Director. If you search through these archives, you might find a post or two I wrote way back when the company was younger, and I was freelancing full-time. I’m now an RCMPeep and couldn’t be prouder. I’m proud of my new company, and I’m proud of my boss and friend.

This is Rock Candy Media, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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