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Nov 13, 2017    Good Company

My Year At Rock Candy Media


Rock Candy Media is far from what I expected when I first started at this ad agency in Austin, Texas a year ago. With my previous marketing firm experiences, you had your one lane. My lane was Social Media. I am a millennial. I understand that Twitter is just shouting. I understand that Instagram is there to make people jealous. I understand no one is going to convert on a Snapchat ad. Why? I use these platforms non-stop all day.

What I never expected was that Rock Candy Media would want me to get out of my comfort zone and see me as not just a social media guru, but an overall marketing and advertising consultant. I’m not supposed to stay in my lane. I have to branch out. If I had recommendations on design, Annie and co. wanted to hear them. When we have strategy meetings, it’s not just the content strategists in the meetings, it’s everyone. The web developer, the graphic designer and the digital ad strategists are all in the room. We’re putting our minds together, different as they are, to give our clients the best we can give.

This kind of mentality negates groupthink and promotes innovation. We’re always looking to innovate our strategy and messaging. The longer I’ve worked here, the more I understand that we aren’t stepping on toes, but bringing the client the best branding, messaging, and strategy.

The best thing about working at Rock Candy Media is seeing our clients succeed. There’s nothing better than seeing those conversion numbers come in and sending them to the client. It brings me so much joy. To me, it’s like winning a game. We’re competing with their competitors. It’s a blast.

Throughout this year, Annie became my mentor. She has showed me how hard work, innovation and keeping it real will get you places. I use what Annie has taught me to put towards my professional life and my personal life. It has been one of the greatest experiences.

Thank you, Rock Candy Media, and especially Annie, for all of the wisdom, fun and experiences. Work doesn’t feel like work when you do something you love. What’s better than working on social media everyday? 🙂

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