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Sep 9, 2016    White Board

Moving Beyond Marketing


Rock Candy Media has had a circuitous journey. When I first started with the company, we offered design services, content strategy and website design, but for the past two years the part of the business that’s been ramping up has been more on the consulting side: how to increase revenue, how to build different sales funnels that will capture the desired demographic or what cities to launch in next for a national launch.

Our CEO, Annie Jones, always reflects on how we’ve grown up both from a services standpoint and from a talent standpoint, as this last year is the first since 2009 where she’s spent more time recruiting than doing biz dev.

We’ve always been strategy driven, but in the past few months, the line between marketing strategy and overall strategy has begun to blur.

It always starts innocently enough. We’ll be in a meeting with a client discussing branding goals, website development, advertising spend and the million other things that go into strategy and the client will say something about their business operations… and a lightbulb goes off.

You can’t stop a salesperson. When a client says something that catches in our minds, we obsess on it, turning it over and turning it into an actionable strategy. How do I take this thing the client mentioned and turn it into more sales? The client walks into the meeting expecting a marketing and advertising strategy and walks out with a new perspective on biz dev.

More and more, our clients are coming to rely on Rock Candy Media for marketing consulting. Once they see what we can do with their brand, they bring us into the rest of their operations. We oblige by suggesting ways to improve their overall services, matching them with strategic partners and pointing out flaws in their business model that lengthen the sales cycle.

We didn’t set out to be marketing and business consultants, but it was the next step in RCM’s evolution. We help you look good, we help you sell more and we help you run your business better.

Want to see how? Request a positioning analysis and pick our brains – it’ll be the only time we work for free.

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