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Sep 5, 2014    Burn Book

Millennials, stop taking it up the a$$


The ‘Get off my Lawn’ers are FINALLY done with the trend of being appalled at millenials doing the exact same things with technology that they did with the device du jour back in the day. Seriously, if you can’t remember your parents nagging you (I’m 37 BTW) about your obsessions with phones, shopping malls, and grunge, you’re either an orphan, or you’ve already lost the proverbial “it”.

That said, Generation Y- you guys are disappointing me.

Our Managing Partner described an experience he had recently so matter-of-fact that it caught me off guard. His iPad stopped receiving service months ago, yet he was still getting charged. When he called in, Sprint told him they had no record of him (even though getting billed!!!) and I should go to a Sprint store. The first store had no idea what was going on, and referred him to a second. That second store KNEW that they would have no access to his account, though they agreed they WOULD have given him a refund for the lack of service. They told Sam to email the address on his receipts. He did, and he never heard back.

Then he shrugged and said, “now I just have to go home and mass-tweet at them to get any help which I could have done in the first place.”

Say what?!? That is the norm for this generation. And it’s not something I would have thought about. File under ‘things that keep me up at night”.

As businesses get more and more adept at using social media, it’s become expected that that’s the route you have to go through to get any help.

Think about that.

Instead of calling a help line, or going to the store to get properly serviced- the youngest adult generation is being trained to think that they’re required to call a company out on Twitter to get what they need to get done DONE.

So wait- the big business that’s taking your money isn’t performing the services you’re paying them for unless you resort to threatening them on effing Twitter? Nobody sees anything wrong with having to go out of your way to get the PR department of Sprint in a flap before any of the techs get down to business?

You guys. You’re better than this. We RAISED YOU better than that.

Don’t confuse the whole world telling you that you’re acting ‘entitled’ by rolling over and taking it up the you-know-what every time — that IS just lazy. I challenge you as part of the Gen X / Gen Y never-never-land to not cave into this stereotype. It’s your time. It’s your money. The people that are supposed to help you are ALREADY at work.

You already spend too much time on social media, kids. Don’t waste your money while you’re doing it.

And once you get your phone fixed? Go ahead and give your mom a call.

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