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Dec 25, 2019    Burn Book

What Makes Us Microbranding Gurus?


Within the enormous mountain that is the commercial industry, are crevices lined with gold. Little pockets of retail and commerce where incredibly successful, but small companies exist without our knowledge. Companies referred to as microbrands.

While many of these microbrands may have begun as startups, their profits far exceed what any company branded a ‘startup’ would expect. These extremely successful, yet extremely niche companies are defined by their hyper-targeted marketing and manufacturing techniques. Which although are small in scale, are big in returns.

Only recently have microbrands started to sink their teeth into economies across the world, mainly because of the advent of Just-in-Time Manufacturing. Just-in-Time Manufacturing is a workflow process that effectively reduces flow-times within production systems and response times between suppliers and customers. Among other things, what JIT manufacturing has done to benefit microbrands the most is enable them to steadily buy inventory at a reasonable pace, so as not to overspend or underproduce.

But if JIT manufacturing was the only thing that microbrands needed to start taking chomps out of markets, then the commercial marketplace would be flooded with them. So what are they missing? What do the most successful microbrands have that the rest don’t? – An incredibly capable marketing and advertising agency.

In the last 10 years, we at Rock Candy Media have shown time and time again that not only do we know how to bootstrap microbrands and get them running and gunning – it’s our specialty. From our ability to hyper-target audiences and understand niche markets to our irreplaceable personalized branding techniques, these are the reasons why you should use RCM to launch your microbrand.

Hyper-Targeting with Precision

It seems as if the growth agencies and marketing consultants inside and outside of Austin run one SMM ad campaign, then go on to call themselves social media marketing specialists. When in reality, the true mastery in social media marketing lies in your ability to target the right audiences and find the niche markets that will bite.

In her years of bootstrapping not only her own brand but others as well, Annie Jones has come to understand these individualistic and unique audiences. She has developed a keen sense of where they are, and in what demographics a microbrand will find the customers to propel them through the future.

While hyper-targeting allows you to find those shadowed audiences and markets, it is all for nothing if you don’t know how to engage them.

Understanding Niche Markets

If your growth consultant doesn’t know what makes these audiences and micro-markets tick, what gets them excited and what pisses them off, then there is no point in even going through with the previously discussed efforts. Because all that time spent finding your ideal audience will be wasted if you can’t get them to convert once you have their attention.

So how do you engage your micro-market once you’ve finally found them? With content that fires from all cylinders. Just one look at the Rock Candy Media Burn Book and you’ll see all the different kinds of material we are familiar with. All the different levels and plateaus that we know how to discuss in an educated and informed manner.

Not only that, scrolling through our social media content will show you just how specific we can get. From Fintech marketing to telehealth content strategy, there is literally no sector we’ve left untouched. Through our wide expanse of experience, we’ve learned how to speak with and engage audiences in a tone that not only makes them buy but makes them return as well.

So if you know how to find the right audiences, and you know how to communicate with them, what’s left?

Irreplaceable Personalization

David Ogilvy turns in his grave every time someone says creating content is synonymous with branding. While content is the vehicle in which you can communicate your microbrand, it can never take its place.

At Rock Candy Media as one of the top Austin branding agencies, we’ve created incredibly unique brand experiences for clients and their customers that kept them coming back. From a Tantric sex coach to Tiny Homes on wheels, we’ve built brands for some very unique brands with even more unique audiences. Because strategic targeting and engaging content might get the attention of your customer, but personalized branding keeps them coming back.

Interested in learning what it takes to nail your niche and grow your microbrand to extraterrestrial heights? Let’s have a sit-down and talk about taking down your targets one-by-one.

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