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May 20, 2020    Burn Book

Meet Us At Midnight: Why Category Marketers Go Rogue


Think of all the scenes that play out in your head when we say the phrase “rebellious teen.” How did you feel?

A millennial may feel anxious — coming on their time as the parent. The most innocent one in the room probably has an image of Ferris Bueller or Patrick Verona. Gen X might feel nostalgia. A Gen Z’er like myself might feel a familiarity, remembering when the coolest thing they did was sneak out at midnight to meet their friends.

But what’s pretty steady across the board no matter the generation? Excitement, freedom, risk, and nervousness.

Chances are, in this landscape of digital marketing and audience-targeting tech, you’ve seen different marketing/ media places call themselves a slew of different buzzwords. Our competitors go for things like “full service marketing firm” or “top ad agency” because at first glance, it sounds impressive. Or slightly interesting. Or plays on your fears.

But Rock Candy Media does it a little differently, using excitement, risk, and nervousness as our platform we stand on — because we have more faith in you to see the bigger picture AND the grainy details when it comes to paying for a real, quality marketing team.

We like to call ourselves, simply, something we do really well. You might see us as a top local SEO service in Austin. Other times you may see us as white hat growth hackers. Sometimes we’re tagged as category marketers, b2b growth strategists, and more.

Ego Check

And it’s not because we don’t know which to stick with — it’s because, while others stay general in what they call themselves because they’re a jack of all trades and master of none (hello low ROI and broken promises), we’re masters of all. How is that possible?

Our CEO’s saying “no ego ever served a client or me” sums it up pretty well. We know we’re not experts in your industry. How could we be? We know we’re not the smartest player in the room (if you are, find another room). We know when to bow to research and when to follow our intuition. We can do this because Rock Candy Media over the last decade has cultivated a culture of openness, honesty, and risk-taking. And it’s paid off big time.

We’ve learned that a true master of all trades is he who never stops learning, and never thinks he’s reached the pinnacle of success.

Rock Candy Media in Austin calls itself a lot of things because we know we can back it up. We can show you the numbers, the reviews, the ROI. Any proof you want, it’s all over our site.

But when you sit back and have to make a decision, we know you’ll go with the team that makes you feel bold, trusted, respected, and the one that knows there’s always more growth that can happen.

If we were to go with a favorite buzzword to start using, it might be performance or disruptive marketing. We like the way it sounds, messing up the status quo and challenging industries. We like the risk of disruption, the reason we love to make our clients nervous. We like the freedom of doing the unexpected. We as a company never left our teenage rebellion phase, and we want to sneak you out of your sales cycle rut with unexpected and risky methods. Meet us at midnight?

Let Your Curiosity Take Control