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Aug 4, 2011    Uncategorized

Meet Kiley, the office puppy!


What’s the only thing in the Rock Candy Media office more irresistible than our designs? Meet Kiley, the office puppy!

She’s our creative designer’s rescue pup, hailing from H-town, and we are all pleased to get her off the streets and into the ad biz 🙂 At just 11 weeks and shy of 4.5lbs, this fur-ball keeps us entertained and showered with puppy love while we work. And, did you know, having an office dog has actually been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity?!

Because when you spend the day trying to come up with and implement creative ideas, it’s ideal to feel comfortable in your environment. The more you feel at home, the more your mind is free to come up with great ideas. And is there anything better than a pet to make a space feel like home? We sure don’t think so!

So, tell us – what do you think about having pets at the office? Are you jealous? Happy you don’t have poop-bags in your briefcase? Let us know what you think! (But careful…Kiley is listening!)

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