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Nov 29, 2019    Burn Book

Why Your Austin Marketing Agency’s “Go-To” Plan Should Worry You


Nearby our Austin marketing agency there’s a taco truck that has a “go-to” chimichanga that everybody always gets. This taco truck has made a living off this chimichanga, so it makes sense why it’s their number one seller.

Anytime someone asks for a suggestion or isn’t sure what to get, Rosa at the checkout will tell you that the deep-fried burrito is the way to go. So it’s safe to say that they rely on this dish to support what they do. To pay their bills. And while it’s ok to have a “go-to” move as a taco/chimichanga truck, the same won’t fly for a digital marketing agency in Austin.

Time and time again startups and promising companies are lured into the hands of growth consultants who ensure them of a “go-to” marketing strategy that they claim has never failed. Something they have done over and over again, with several if not all of their clients. But unless that “go-to” plan consists of data analysis and strategy refinement, chances are only half of those clients end up successful. So to make sure you don’t end up in that 50%, we’re going to explain why you should head for the hills if your marketing agency tells you they have a “go-to” plan.

An Everchanging Environment

It’s no secret that the marketing landscape we work and operate in changes every single morning. From search algorithm updates to social media platforms increasing ad regulations, marketing agencies in Austin and around the country are constantly having to find new ways to adjust to regulation.

And on top of that, people’s perspectives are changing all the time on what they do and don’t like. Potential markets form, then dissociate, then converge with other audiences, sending targeting specialists all over the place. How is a “go-to” plan made over 3 years ago supposed to keep up with that? Chances are, it can’t. The only way to stay ahead of things is to have a plan that’s fresh.

Fresh Never Fails

If your marketing consultancy is constantly developing, always innovating, keeping their finger on the pulse of all things digital and culturally relevant, then you’ll never fail. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve had similar thought patterns and strategy structures that we’ve referred to in the past to get us where we are now. Growth hacking can’t be reinvented every day. However, we never failed to make those ideas new again. In fact, we couldn’t repeat past strategies if we tried. The reason being is because every one of them is motivated by the client it’s designed for.

Every time we sit down with someone new that we choose to go through with, we get inspired all over again. Ideas and emotions pour through our heads that remind us of what it was like to be a hungry company who wanted more to eat. Ideas and emotions that we throw onto our clay wheel and spin into a brand new integrated advertising strategy to get you where you need to go. Every content studio and strategy agency needs to take a holistic view of the content ecosystem.

So I guess you could say the “go-to” plan at our Austin marketing agency is to make something never done before. What that is, we don’t know yet. Not until you come into our office and inspire it into existence.

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