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Feb 21, 2020    Burn Book

Disrupting the Monotony of Stale Logistics Marketing


The world of numbers and logistics has been notorious for being pretty stale at times. Compared to something like a content agency or production firm, people look at logistics as being data-oriented and not really creative or “fun.” And we can’t blame them. They’re filled with mathematicians and data analysts who let reason and numbers guide all their decisions.

But if you take a closer look at some of the people who started logistics companies, you’ll see that they’re the furthest thing from stale. While they do indeed let numbers and analytics guide their decisions, they are some of the most intuitive and smartest people on the planet who are incredibly interesting and have fascinating products and services to share with the world. The problem? Their focus on mathematics and figure sums have prevented them from appealing to potential customers in an exciting and personal way.

At Rock Candy Media, we get excited about working with companies like this, especially those who are in need of logistics marketing. We take church services and turn them into raves – converting preachers into DJs and choirs into mosh pits. To put it simply, we make boring things not boring. That’s why we love working with logistics companies – entities who often have incredibly exciting applications but not the personality to back it up.

Given the fact that these logistics companies help the world go round and make businesses function even better, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out all the ways to make logistics marketing attractive again.

Assigning Value to Numbers

There’s no denying that logistics companies are driven by numbers. But the problem that occurs in logistics marketing is a focus on these numbers as your product instead of what the numbers actually represent. When you spell it out, it makes much more sense.

As a customer, would you be more enthralled by the first or second tagline?

1. Our analytics product will help you maintain inventory!
2. We turn data into detailed sales leads.

Sure, your logistics product might help maintain inventory, but what kind of implication does that really have for the business? Does it help decrease time spent by employees? Does it optimize your inventory purchase process? The key is indicating the actual value behind the benefit that your logistics product or service provides.

As you can see in the second tagline, the actual resulting benefit is more specific and definitive. It adds value to their data product and clearly proclaims what business benefits you can get from it. Maintaining inventory is far too broad and general to resonate strongly with a customer, where sales leads are a concrete result sought out by companies everywhere.

At Rock Candy Media, we might lead with a product or service, but we always close with the benefit. While the application might be inherent, it’s our job to work with the client to make sure the actual benefits and applications are not only made clear but emphasized as well.

Crafting a Marketing Veil

As we said, logistics companies have gotten a rep for being kind of stale and boring. They’re companies that, when plunging into different digital and traditional platforms, can be overlooked or ignored. This being the case, you need to market your logistics company as if it wasn’t a logistics company.

We don’t mean ignoring your product or service, thus denying what you are. What we mean when we say this is that you need to craft a brand that speaks personally and beyond what you’re actually selling. Time and time again logistics or black and white tech companies portray themselves as what they think their customers expect them to look like. This expectancy is toxic as it leads to a lack of flavor and authenticity that surfaces when you create a brand that has a life beyond the product, a brand that speaks to customers as if they’re actual people and not just another link in the sales cycle.

You need to reach the perfect balance of product education and brand personalization. By concentrating too much on your logistics product or service, you will bore your customer. By concentrating too much on your brand, your customers won’t know it is what you do.

Finding Balance

At our Austin marketing agency, we know exactly where that balance lies. In fact, we tip-toe it in almost all of our performance marketing initiatives that bring companies, logistics and otherwise, to market with a swift and strong rhythm.

If you’re interested in rocking with a similar pattern, let us know. We’re allergic to all things boring and we create content that disrupts the monotony of all things vanilla.

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