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Apr 12, 2012    Uncategorized

Let’s get social! Taking Twitter, Facebook, and more from your laptop to your life.


By now, you know all about using social media to create buzz online and connect your virtual community of fans. But how about taking it a step further, stepping away from your desk chair, and translating your social media relationships into the real world?

We’ve talked a bit about TwitterFall and live tweeting in general in the past, but let’s discuss what goes into taking social media full throttle into your live events. Yes, you can use TwitterFall or other live tweet display programs to project your event conversations via hashtag on a big screen, but what all does that entail? You not only need to develop a unique and easy-to-tweet (aka short) hashtag, but you also need to prep your fans to participate in a live tweet conversation. That means promoting your live event’s social media pages all in one place, so people can get all the information they could possibly need beforehand.

The best live tweeting events don’t just stop when the hashtag is shared. Instead, event organizers need to monitor the tweeting discussion, remind participants about the hashtag, retweet, and take notes on all the good stuff. Your live tweeting discussion from an event may just become invaluable content for promoting your brand down the line. Nothing like a few hours of free dialogue centered on YOU to get the marketing mind going.

After the event, you can collect all the most important and relevant content from the social media accounts you involved, and pass on this content to your fans and follwers in a story-telling fashion. People won’t just have to hear about your event – they will actually be able to see how it happened when you take the time to integrate and share.

So, how are you making your live events totally integrated and interactive in this digital world? We’d love to hear about it!

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