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Apr 17, 2015    Good Company

Is Your Marketing Strategy Mobile Ready?


You’ve probably put a lot of money, time and hard work into your digital marketing plan and you’d probably be pretty annoyed to learn that over half of your target audience isn’t seeing it the way you intended. With 56 percent of online content being seen on mobile and tablet devices, if your marketing content isn’t mobile optimized, you’re wasting everyone’s time, including your own. This is especially true if you’re trying to market to a younger, tech-savvy crowd like the one in Austin.


User experience (UX) is one of the most important parts of building a successful brand. Bad UX can sink the best businesses, while great UX overcomes a lot of other shortcomings. Countless gallons of digital ink have been spilled discussing this phenomenon, particularly in Apple vs Microsoft debates. Apple products are pricier and more restrictive, but they look great and are intuitive to use. If you make your content easy to get a handle on, consumers will respond.


Truth be told, you should already have optimized your website to be mobile friendly, it’s just the nice thing to do. However, if you haven’t, you need to right away, because next week, Google’s search algorithm will begin weighing mobile friendliness when it ranks websites. If your advertising agency isn’t designing your website with UX and responsive design in mind, you need to ditch them.


The same goes for your digital ad spend. Any marketing company worth it’s pod-based coffee machine will have analytics for how much of your ad traffic comes from desktop vs mobile. If they aren’t, or if they aren’t adjusting your spend accordingly, they’re doing it wrong.


Beyond the #data, you should be able to tell if the graphic design your advertising agency is delivering is mobile optimized just by looking at it. Pull up your latest Facebook mobile ad. Is it eye catching? Is it informative? Would anyone have any reason to click on it? Advertising is still an art, and the ones who “get it” will produce content that’s as pretty as it is powerful.

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