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Sep 5, 2012    Uncategorized

Instagram: It’s Not Just for Hipsters.


These days you’ll see Instagram photos all over the place: Facebook, twitter, websites—even printed on magnets for your refrigerator. When Instagram was released first for the iPhone, people kept saying that it was an app for the hipster crowd. No one got it. Flash forward to present day, and Android users have the app too. Most of the people who didn’t get it at first now can’t live without it. People are using it for everything from personal journal to fashion diary.

Come to think of it, I don’t know many people who don’t use it. You know, besides my mom.

You can filter images by hashtag, so if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, search #ootd. That stands for “outfit of the day.” Yep. You can see what the kids are wearing these days and pick up a few wardrobe tips right there on Instagram.

Another good one is #instafood. Feel like looking at interesting photos of what everyone else is eating? This is the hashtag for you!

One of my personal favorites is #catsofinstagram. Seriously though, who doesn’t smile when they look at a bunch of those pictures?

The list of hashtags goes on and on. You can, of course use those popular ones: #nofilter #iphonesia #instamood #iphoneonly #instagood…and so on. Or you can make up your own. Someone will catch on to it when they see it!

What are your favorite hashtags?

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