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Oct 3, 2019    Burn Book

If We Drove Off A Cliff, Would You Follow Us?


We don’t employ agile development, we just are.

We don’t remind ourselves of the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what;’ we only hire people that live in the ‘why’ to begin with.

We don’t complete; we achieve.

And we heart analytics, duh, but we don’t rely on it. We take data like stop signs, and follow our guts from there.

Considering 70% of sales ‘transformations’ fail– it’s no wonder people have started to over-rely on data and ‘what’s worked before.’

What’s worked before cannot work forever.

And when you think about who came up with whatever revolutionary NEW “what works now”? Whoever thought up pre-sliced bread? Wireless phones? White Claw? That’s us. A growth agency purposefully in Austin because we don’t want to be stifled by cultural bubbles.

We hate traditional. We hate tried and true. We hate templates (obviously). It’s kind of what we run on. We hire not based on years of experience or degree but based on raw talent, because we know how ineffective advertising curriculum can be.

So when you come to us as a growth hacker marketing firm, wanting to rebrand, revamp, renew, retarget, shorten sales cycles, etc., we’ll throw away templates and do what we do best as a highly curated and creative team: we just Go.

Because you know what happens when you just Go, instead of waiting or checking or copying?

Others never catch up.

And so far (in 10 years), we’re still coming out on top.

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Get ahead and stay there with the top performance marketing agency in Austin, TX, Rock Candy Media. Don’t worry, we don’t take you out of the driver’s seat; we just carve out the road in front of you.

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