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May 20, 2015    Ecom

Hungry (for data): Portrait of a Mobile User


How important is mobile in your marketing plan? If this chart from Mobile Marketing Magazine is any indication, more important than you may think.

Everybody’s Going Mobile

In the next three years, mobile usage will continue to explode, with the average user using 2.7 GB of data. Increasing music and video streaming will account for some of that data increase, but it just proves that people are drifting further and further toward mobile for the kind of everyday activities that used to be resigned to desktops and laptops. Our marketing efforts have been reflecting these trends, and yours should be too.

Everybody’s Buying Mobile

Increased comfort with mobile browsing means increased comfort with mobile buying. Paypal and other user-friendly payment methods allow users to make purchases with only a few taps, alleviating security concerns and providing an added level of convenience. As mobile continues to explode, your site and your e-commerce tools need to both be mobile friendly. At RCM, being mobile-friendly is a given, because for us, everything is about UX. That includes always using responsive design and reducing the number of clicks users have to go through whether on mobile or desktop.

Everybody Wants Video

Good copy is always a necessity. A great marketing plan starts with a great idea that’s well articulated. However, as your campaign takes shape, you need to incorporate video. People love video, people are comfortable with video, and, as this chart shows, people are going to rely on video more and more in the future. This is why RCM is adding video content services to our overall content strategy division.

Everybody Trusts Other People

Folks, there’s a reason they call them social networks. People go online because they want to see what their friends are into. Sometimes this takes the form of an unrelenting cavalcade of baby pictures, but other times it can be just what you need to market your product. If people buy something they like and share it, their network is going to believe it has value. With this in mind, you need to cultivate a robust social presence and provide content that’s worth sharing. It’s both advertising and a way to build brand loyalty. You also need to ensure that it’s easy for consumers to rate your product online. When people are considering a new purchase, they’re going to believe what previous users say.

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