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Nov 18, 2011    Uncategorized

How to Stay Creative When You’re a Creative


So you’re a designer, an art director, a copywriter, what have you. And you’re lucky enough to get to work on creative projects every day and get paid for it. But like every other job in the world, it’s a j-o-b. And every now and then, you can start to feel like you’ve turned on auto-pilot and are just cranking out concepts perfunctorily like an idea machine. And even if the ideas are still good, they can’t be GREAT unless you’ve got the inspiration to back them.

Just because you’re a creative doesn’t make you immune to getting yourself into a rut. Creative block is pervasive and paralyzing. But like I said before, you’re lucky enough to get to do what you love and get paid for it. And to keep the love alive, you’ve got to make sure the j-o-b part of the job isn’t all-consuming.

You need to take a few breaks in the day – doodle, play with a puppy, read a short story, write a short story. Whatever it takes to remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your best ideas come from inspiration – they don’t come from staring at a computer screen for hours on end analyzing a creative brief.

So if you’re having a not-so-creative day of creative work, why not take a brief break and get the brain waves dancing about again? Here’s a fun McSweeney’s exercise to get you started!

If you write something cool (or horrible even!), make a doodle or do anything to loosen up that contracted creativity, we’d love to see it! Go ahead and post it here, or shoot us a note at Stay motivated, friends!

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