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Guts Get Stronger When You Trust Them


When you’re outsourcing anything for your business, we know your first priority is trust. Cost may be a close second, but we know you need to GET what you pay for.

You need consistent communication, you need easy iteration processes, you need tangible ROI reports, etc. You know what you need.

But what about the things you never usually see on company reviews? What about the traits that no one actually knows about when listing their experience on Clutch?

Critical Thinking < Gut Feeling

When you’re outsourcing a critical part of your business’ success to strangers, there’s always something that Rock Candy Media in Austin knows we have as a top growth agency and performance marketing agency. Something other marketing firms and advertising agencies definitely don’t have. We have our guts.

To us, our guts tell us exactly what we need to know. Of course– we research, we stay on top of trends, hell, we stay AHEAD of demographic/psychographic data and the marketing game as a whole. But our guts, especially our CEO’s? Those are invaluable. Those have never done us wrong.

Gut Check, Checkmate

For example, in hiring, our CEO goes by gut feeling and talking with the prospective employee for 20 minutes. She needs nothing more than a quick glance at their resume. This is how she’s built the effective, creative, strategic, and successful team behind Rock Candy Media in Austin.

In client brand identity, we listen to the client (duh). No one will know more about your industry than you. But in strategic branding? Ad placement? Site revamping? New logos and taglines? We take your input and run with it until our guts tell us to stop. It’s hard to put into words when you start working with us, but within a week of getting started, you’ll see why words don’t matter — results do.

In vetting our own tools and yours, our competitors and yours, our competitive analyses start out how you might expect: a pros and cons list, strength and weakness columns, check boxes and organized bullet points. But our guts only take a bite of this information, only exactly what we need, before making a decision and going all out with it.

It’s risky, but:

1. It hasn’t failed us yet, and we’re still growing (as are our clients).

2. No one ever did anything revolutionary by sticking to what’s known.

Want to know more about how we operate (or more truthfully, how our guts operate us)? Sit down with the one who taught us all how to trust our gut, CEO Annie Liao Jones. Not only will she be able to analyze your brand right off the bat and tell you what you need, your gut will tell you she’s right.

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