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Mar 14, 2013    Uncategorized



I’m writing this post to say goodbye.

Goodbye to our old website and the old Rock Candy Media, which was a really great design and marketing firm, but not as great as the one it is today. Times have changed, and so has this agency. While we still do the things that put us on the map – design, development, strategy – we’ve moved onto bigger things (literally, like billboards) and smaller things (like your phone’s screen) and things you can’t even see (like the sound waves coming out of your car’s stereo). Social media has changed the way we get market research, the way companies can manage their perception, and the way businesses should be doing business. We are doubling down on strategy, to stay ahead of the prospect – whether it’s B2B or B2C. Our focus has shifted along with everyone’s behavior, and we want to bring you along with us.

-Annie Liao Jones

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