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Nov 12, 2019    From the CEO

Give Us Your Crazies


You’ve heard it before: You have to be a little or a lot crazy to own a business. In fact, our CEO even expanded on this recently.

But there are a few details we want to make sure reach all the people, share on all our channels, and emphasize even more. Consider this the TL;DR of our leader’s passionate, edited rant.

Craziness, or self-imposed delusion, is only half the requirement to be a brand owner. The other half is heart.

Across the Board —> We See You

As a top branding agency, design company, marketing firm, growth hacking agency, and performance agency (yes, all in one), we see ONE thing across the board when we look at the clients we take on (AKA, the clients we love).

Rock Candy Media, Austin clients are so incredibly passionate about building their brand and business, that sometimes the logistics, common sense, and reasoning falls to the wayside. These clients that we love the most, they’re not in tunnel vision (tunnel vision is our biggest problem with CEOs that are too stuck on those logistics and common sense); they’re stuck looking at a huge, broad, neverending horizon of possibilities.

We don’t want to get you out of that — we want to take care of your indirect vs. direct marketing strategies, your branding and your growth, so you can stay there forever, moving forward knowing we’re building the ground underneath you every step you take.

The second thing we see across the board with our clients is that they’re the eldest sibling.

Talk about an innate talent for taking on more responsibility than just anybody can handle. If you want the deets on that, you can read the full piece here. Or, you can sit down with the writer for a brand analysis.

She won’t hold back in telling you whether you’re in or you’re out, and she’ll be able to tell from one meeting. Sometimes we think she has a crystal ball.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control