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May 12, 2015    Industry Intrigue

Generation Why?


When you’re marketing B2B, you often fall into the trap of making assumptions about who your audience is. You assume that decision makers at other businesses are stodgy old men cramped around a conference table in rumpled suits. It’s not a bad guess, considering the traditional demographics of c-suite types, but as Bob Dylan sang 50 years ago, the times, they are a changing. And speaking of Dylan, the youngest of the baby boomers are now all in their 50s, so while they may be making top-level decisions, they have no choice but to turn to the young guns when it comes to selecting vendors and making buying decisions.

If you’re selling B2B, you should already know this. Take a look around at your own team. If you’re marketing the hottest new tech product, you’re probably surrounded by young go-getters with specialized knowledge. The same holds true for your customers.

Now, we won’t tell you not to buy ad space in Trophy Hunter Magazine or American Stogie Review, but we think your money could be better spent. Instead of dropping bucco dolores on old fashioned ads, you should amp up your digital and your creative. Young people are foolish, they think advertising is art. Exploit this fundamental misapprehension with great creative and you’ll build up far more goodwill than you deserve. Build a brand that’s friendly to younger professionals (men and women) and not only will they advocate for you now, they’ll be firmly in your grasp in a decade when they’re the ones in the rumpled suits around the conference table.

Young people are our future, and they’re the future of your bottom line. Pander to them, pander like the wind!

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