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Apr 28, 2016    Burn Book

Following The Crowd Is Stupid


Every time a new app comes out, overeager marketers trip over themselves to get their clients signed up and engaging online – nevermind that there’s no strategy behind it and that most of these apps never catch on (RIP Ello and Peach). Even successful social apps like Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat may not be right for your business – despite how many interns your agency has itching to fire them up.

At Rock Candy Media, we have a proven approach to digital marketing on social media. We believe that it’s better to find where your audience is and go all in on that channel. Depending on your industry, that could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat or a combination of some or all of those channels.

If you’re selling refrigerators, trying to chase down teens on Snapchat or explaining the finer points of crispers on Periscope is not going to be an effective use of your time and money. Likewise, if your brand is selling a lifestyle, one of the most effective ways to display how awesome it is is through channels that provide a genuine look at that lifestyle.

You also need to consider the size of your fanbase when investing in social channels. Services like Snapchat present a major barrier to new businesses because consumers have to go through a lot of steps to start following you. When you’re first getting started, you want to go where the people are, which, right now, is Facebook.

Digital marketing requires an agency that can navigate the many twists and turns of the ever-evolving corridor that is social media. Make sure you’re working with one that isn’t leading you to a dead end.


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