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Aug 7, 2019    Burn Book

Fitting Into Molds Is Not Our Strong Suit


Here’s what we believe as the top digital marketing and branding agency in Austin. There is NOTHING more exhausting in business than having to work with people that are two-faced.

What might come to mind for most people when we say this is an image of a sort of Disney-esque villain– someone who pretends to be something they’re not, talks sh*t about you behind your back, and is trying to drain you of your talent with zero appreciation of what it actually takes (or costs).

Hiding in Plain Sight

But being two-faced in business– any business– isn’t just this red and purple villain with pointy facial features designed to scare children — it’s the colleagues and distinguished clients you might have to work with every day.

It’s the people that use lots of exclamation points and emojis in their emails, only to turn on you at the end of the month and want all their assets even though they haven’t paid for even last month’s. Sorry, but we’re a little too old for trust issues. (Rock Candy Media’s 10 year anniversary is coming up and we know exactly who we are: the only Austin growth marketing agency that will say everything to your face.)

It’s the employees that bust their butts the first 6 months on the job and then start slacking, knowing their boss is a loyal person.

It’s a boss that seems to appreciate you beyond belief but when it comes to career development, they’ll give you a new title instead of a raise, or keep you stagnant so that you never leave their side.

“It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

But this tendency for some humans is nothing short of exploitative. It’s not “just business, baby.” Because whether we like it or not, business is extremely personal. No matter how good you are at taking criticism or communicating effectively, as the owner (or any stakeholder or passionate employee), the business is still your baby.

Lucky for Rock Candy Media in Austin, Annie, CEO and Founder, knew this from the very start nearly a decade ago. Actually, it’s not something she knew. It’s something she is. It’s something she lives.

What this means for her business, for her employees and clients all the same, is that respect will be given until it is no longer deserved. Loyalty will be dead-strong, until you break her trust. She’ll pull all-nighters and fight an angry client for you. She’ll listen to your cussing rants and get heated with you, right before buckling down to find a solution. Her team doesn’t arrive to work, put on their white hats, and leave at 5. They come as their whole selves, unfiltered and authentic, because that’s how you get their best work.

Us? Deviate From The Norm? Noooo…

Words will be spoken unfiltered no matter who you are. Full service integrated advertising and growth agencies (or at least, this one) don’t have time for two-faced people.

Annie doesn’t have time to deal with formalities and beating around the bush. She doesn’t have time to appear to you like every other polished CEO with no emotions and a team of identical workhorses behind them.

We don’t have time for anything that isn’t propelling us forward in what we do best for you, our clients, which is fool- and future-proof branding, long-standing growth strategies, and all the things other marketing and advertising agencies (Austin and abroad) don’t even attempt to do because of the risk.

That’s how we got on top. Would you like to join us?

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