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Sep 7, 2019    Burn Book

How to Find the Digital Agency of Your Dreams


The client-digital agency relationship is one of the most unique bonds in the business world. While outsiders view it as a collaboration with several, oftentimes different objectives, we on the inside know it’s anything but that. Done right, the relationship between a growth marketing agency and their client can become a beautiful assimilation of beliefs, ideas, and singular objectives.

Or it can be a colossal failure. Resulting in wasted time, money, and overall manpower that could have been better allocated for some actual results. That’s why when you’re choosing a growth marketing agency, you need to keep in mind several factors.

Marketing Personality

As you shop around for digital marketing agencies in the Austin area or wherever it is you may be looking to grow your business, it is important to take note of the tones and attitudes permeated in their work. What you can think of as the personality of their ads.

Say you’re looking to launch a new and exciting tech product for finance companies to start using in their day-to-day. It’s an incredible product, but markets have reservations about it given the unconventional software being utilized on the device. You’re going to want a growth firm that knows how to get customers comfortable with the uncomfortable and aren’t afraid to push some boundaries in this situation.

It’s easy enough to tell if a digital agency has worked on a similar campaign by looking at their portfolio, but other times you need to take a closer look at their actual messaging to see if they’re capable of doing what you need them to do. In the case of the weary tech product, you’d want to see copy that can get people excited about the future, and is bold enough to instill confidence into a doubtful market. You’d want to see designs capable of detailing specificities and website development compatible with a sophisticated audience.

But every product is different and so are the hurdles that come with them. So it’s best that you fully understand the problems you’re dealing with before you start getting someone to solve them for you. And if you’re not entirely sure, growth marketing agencies like Rock Candy Media can help you out.

The next variable you need to consider goes past the personality of the digital agencies work, and into the actual attitudes resonated by the team.

Get Your Creep On

Getting to know the digital advertising team you’re going to be working with is clearly very important. Whether you’re starting your own brand or you’re leading a legacy company’s marketing efforts, a full service integrated advertising strategy is an intimate process that requires close collaboration between client and digital agency. So how do you get to know that team?

At our digital marketing agency, you can start getting to know us by having a sit down with CEO and founder Annie Jones during a brand market analysis. It sounds official, but all it really is is a meet and greet where we basically outline how we can make a statement in your industry and get to know what it is you’re looking for.

If you’re not ready to commit to an in-person meeting, whether it’s with us or any of the other digital marketing agencies in the Austin area, social media is readily at your disposal. Find the company on LinkedIn and creep on their employees. Check them out on social media. Are they interesting people who look like they might have good ideas? Or do they look careless and untrustworthy with information? We do it to see if potential employees and clients would be a good fit. Why shouldn’t you?

Making Your Pick

Once you’ve considered the ins and outs of all the growth hacking firms and digital marketing agencies on your list, you have to go about making your pick.

While this part may seem easy, you need to exercise just as much care in your approach to the beginning of your agency relationship as you did when you were examining them. Everything from outlining objectives to establishing guidelines needs to be considered to ensure the relationship remains as productive as it is enjoyable.

If you’re interested in what it takes to “break the ice” with your digital agency stay tuned to the Burn Book in the coming months. In the meantime, why don’t you get to know us a little better?

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