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Apr 1, 2013    Uncategorized

Annie’s Facebook Sound Off


OK. I’ve had it Zuckerburg. You’re lucky everyone is so busy that sometimes Facebook is the only way we can all keep up with each other. Otherwise anyone in any other situation would opt out of all the advertising we’re getting more bombarded with.

Sound weird coming from a marketer? I know. It is weird. It’s not something I go around pitching. But am I going to bet the farm on FB? No way. Not like I used to. I remember trying to get Rock Candy Life off the ground, and how immediate the results for a FB ad would bring. It was amazing.

Now you have Sponsored Stories (like we don’t know the difference), the ads on the side (better ROI than Google ads on the side but still) and whatever that thing is when they show me what my friends like in the middle of my feed.

And stop it with the popups asking me to promote my latest post. I shouldn’t have to pay to show people the posts they signed up to see when they liked my page!

Until then, there’s still one constant we can always take comfort in. Good content, even on FB, will always matter.

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