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Oct 8, 2014    Industry Intrigue

Facebook Recognition: More Data for Better Ads


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the targeting options available through Facebook advertising. It forces you to ask a lot of questions about who you want to reach. You need to be specific: how old, what location, what job titles, what relationship status, and – most critically – what are they into?

You always start with an assumption. I assume people who are interested in organic dog treats are probably also interested in organic human food. I assume if you’re interested in moving to a certain neighborhood, you’ll be interested in the bars, restaurants, and shops there. When I test these assumptions, I tend to find something unexpected. It turns out people who like organic food are also into no-kill animal shelters, and people who like gluten-free food are into gardening.

Facebook ads let you deepen and alter your customer profile, which can affect our creative. It can help us decide what our blogs are about, what to post on all social channels, or where to invest other ad dollars.

They also tend to be effective in their own rights. Individuals don’t make buying decisions on the spot, and a Facebook Like is essentially a bookmark for someone to check out this product later. Sure, only a certain percentage of the followers see non-promoted posts, but that percentage grows when we get more engagement, which happens when we have the right audience following.

There are very few campaigns I can think of that couldn’t be bolstered with some highly targeted Facebook ads, even for B2B marketing.

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