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Oct 28, 2019    Finance

Don’t Let the FinTech Industry Brand You Before You Can Do It Yourself


FinTech is about letting consumers, individuals or businesses, conduct finance-related activities without the help of a person. 

By that definition, one might think technology is leading to people wanting less and less personal contact. And while this is true in a sense — like wanting to deposit a check with your smartphone rather than go to a manned bank — people, especially the younger generations, aren’t outing personal connection.

The whole point of increasingly complex technologies isn’t about disconnecting from your world and never having to interact face-to-face, it’s about connecting to a bigger world. One where things are easier, lives are better, and you can do things with greater freedom.

Don’t Get Defined By FinTech Marketing As It Is

Technological startups, especially those redefining the entrenched financial industry, tend to draw a harsh eye from even non-competitors, claiming they’re usurping or bringing down the industry. The correction is: bringing down the traditional industry. Revitalizing. Redefining.

Money lending apps like Robinhood (peer to peer lending & stock trading) or Affirm (short term loans for online purchases sans credit check) — these aren’t about ousting the concept of credit scores, just the criteria of them and, sometimes, the necessity. We wanted greater freedom, right?

Square and Bitcoin — clearing the cluttered pathway of being able to pay for things online AND in person. We wanted greater ease, right?

So why is it with FinTech marketing, brands and businesses seem to be so lost? Why does the personality of a brand seem to be so vague– is it because we’ve accidentally concluded that greater technology = growing introvertedness?

What this looks like to Rock Candy Media, the top advertising agency in Austin and a leading branding and growth firm, is that the industry is in need of (not our favorite: the shakeup, but the) re-finding its roots.

Revolution of an industry does not happen without a couple glances back to “how it used to be done.”

The important distinction in marketing one of these revolutionizing brands, is that you look back, but you don’t copy. Look back for the grassroots and the heart — and turn it into a never-before-used basis. An anti-template, as we like to call it.

Industry upheaval, product revolution, disruptive advertising, whatever you want to call it: that’s what we do. Design, UX, brand voice, sales funnels, and most importantly, growth, is our specialty (as you can see).

If you’re unsure of where to go, perfect– that’s our favorite place to be. Sit down with our boss for a positioning analysis; she’ll show you how to glance back, then move forward. This industry hasn’t stopped rapidly growing and neither should you.

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