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Mar 16, 2016    Good Company

Don’t Hurt Your Developers


There’s an ugly stereotype that developers aren’t creative, that we just take what the designers give us and turn it into 0s and 1s. Well, that’s not true, and it hurts.

When we build a website or digital marketing project for a client, I’m the last step in the chain, it’s my job to basically birth this fully realized idea into the world—which requires a lot of flexibility and creativity. My creative process requires me to take something that we’ve cooked up and make it even better.

I start by poring over the designs and making suggestions to designers about how to get things to flow better on the site. A pretty site also needs a great UX. Once we’ve got the look down, I start building.

The beauty of being a developer is that I can add bells and whistles to projects that you’d never see on a static design. As I build the project, I look for opportunities to add my own touches to things, little animations that give the project more personality.

There’s a lot that a developer can do to influence how a user interacts with something, beyond just how it looks—little tricks to draw the eye to a certain paragraph or CTA. It’s very subtle, but it requires that I understand the entirety of the project, so that I know what our goal is for the client. That way, once all the copy is written and the designs are finished, I can give us one more boost of creative UX.

So, please: stop saying developers aren’t creatives.

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