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May 24, 2011    Uncategorized

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Maybe this blog post should’ve been my first since most of my experience is in printing. Better late than never, right? Maybe you’re thinking it’s a bit contradictory since my last post was about social media. See, here’s the deal – there isn’t one singular item that will be the answer to all your marketing needs. Twitter can’t provide ALL the solutions. So I’m not just biased when I say that print can still have a significant role in a marketing strategy. Print may not be headlining the pages of various blogs and news articles, but it doesn’t mean your print piece deserves any less attention.

I’m also not biased when I say that you’re going to need some help with your print pieces. I didn’t know what to expect when I started working in the print industry, but there was a lot to learn! Best formats for files, 4color process versus pantone colors, proofing, paper types weights – and that’s all before you even go to press! And when you get ready to finally print, press checks are super important for those critical color pieces. Then there’s bindery: saddle stitch, perfect binding, and double gate folds? Yes it gets more complex than the hamburger or hotdog fold we learned in elementary school! Maybe you’re looking at mailing out a postcard or brochure. You think it’s difficult to deal with your local post office? Trust me; you want our help with your mass mailings!

All joking aside, Rock Candy Media is ready to help you with whatever print mail needs you may have. We’ll not only help you navigate through the print process, but we can offer suggestions to save you money. Did you know postcards sized at 4.25”x6” get a different postage rate than those 5”x7” cards? These are the types of things we can help you with. Work with us for smooth sailing from design to print and beyond.

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