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Jan 4, 2020    Burn Book

What’s New for Dental Marketing in 2020?


No one likes going to the dentist. But like getting dressed in the morning and showering regularly, it’s something you have to do if you don’t want people running in terror from you every time you step out.

Why would anyone like going to the dentist? You’re pretty much paying someone to scrape your teeth and gums with metal picks, all the while attempting to be comprehendible with these instruments of death in your mouth. It’s not a walk in the park, and one of the reasons why your patients might be reaching for their Xanax prescription before every appointment.

But what if the patients at your dental practice actually enjoyed their bi-annual trip to the chair? Or more importantly, what if they enjoyed attending your practice so much that they turned their friends and coworkers onto it? Referrals being one of the biggest lead generators for dentists, giving your current patients such a great experience that they are encouraged to tell others clearly has a wide appeal. But a better question to ask is how.

How do you create a dental brand that is able to generate leads both inside and outside of your practice?

Entrenching Yourself in the Mobile Molars

One of the first things you need to know about dental marketing in 2020, is the push to mobile. 53% of healthcare-related searches are being done on mobile, so if your SEO is wack or your online presence is lacking, you might be losing out on tons of potential traffic.

At Rock Candy Media, as seasoned brand marketing consultants, we paint fully fleshed out digital pictures of our clients. From one edge of the frame to the other, there is not one piece we leave unbeautified. It’s how we’ve developed such a comprehensive portfolio and helped so many brands get to where they want to be. And it comes from paying a lot of attention to the mobile side of things.

But mobile marketing for dentists aside, gaining more patients starts with an incredibly appealing brand, one that targets an audience your dental practice might not initially consider.

Branding That Builds a Team

In 2020, marketers for dentists and dental services need to start putting a much larger emphasis on their brand. Patients aren’t just looking for the best deals and resources anymore. With the advent of dental spas and the proliferation of branding in general, people are paying more attention to the actual personality of dental practices. So your dental marketing tactics should respond accordingly.

What type of message are you putting out there? What kind of picture are you painting for your audiences? But most importantly, who are your audiences? While most branding consultants would say your audience consists of the scattered groups of potential patients, they would be wrong.

The fact of the matter is that you need to be building a dental brand that attracts the right employees, not just more patients.

Your employees make up 90% of what you offer. Sure, you might have some revolutionary technology or some good deals, but every dentist at it’s most basic form will be pretty much the same. What separates these practices is the people who actually work there. And while this can apply in other industries, it makes the most sense in the dental world.

The bottom line is you need a great team of nice, intelligent, and talented employees that people like to be around. And in order to get those employees, you need a brand that they feel passionate to work for and be a part of. This is the real fight – for A1 employees, not just patients.

How to Crush Your 2020 Dental Marketing Goals

It’s only when you step outside the box that you realize how big it really is and where the opportunities lie. Rock Candy Media eats, drinks, and sleeps outside of that box. Constantly looking for new and exciting ways to brand your company, whether it’s via dental marketing tactics or cut-throat growth marketing, we get it done.

Interested in making 2020 the year that your dental practice or brand finally gets off the ground? Let’s schedule a sit-down – we’ll give you something to smile about,

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