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Jul 5, 2019    Burn Book

Line Your Pockets With Gold, You’ll Sink Quicker


Your Privacy Price Tag

Just like the California Gold Rush, the data rush that is happening in our current decade has people scrambling to find the best ways to capture, package, and sell data. But considering the price tag that marketing agencies in Austin and across the globe pay for your information, there’s no wonder.

It’s the reason why companies spend millions of dollars researching and developing ideas like the smart neighborhood, an artificially intelligent habitat that captures and registers nearly everything you do. But people tend not to worry about what’s going on with all that information. As long as you can make coffee and roll up the blinds at the same time.

Little do they know, their schedules, routines, questions, and all the other information their devices capture are all stored on digital profiles, which are then sold to marketing and branding agencies, among others. These “profiles” have been the lifeblood of numerous growth hacking strategies and tend to be what a majority of companies rely on to hit their mark.

The problem with this is the fact that it’s turning marketing into a game about who’s got the most money, rather than who’s got the most talent and creativity. Now, the ad agencies and growth marketing companies with the bigger budgets to buy data can tout themselves as being a more effective advertising mechanism. But unless you’re a telemarketing company, we disagree.

As a branding and growth agency, we believe it takes more than some hyper targeting to build a message and tell a story. So you keep your information. We don’t need to know how many giraffe fights you watched last Thursday to spark your curiosity.

Telling a New Story

Data strategy can go a couple ways. But mainly, it is utilized for targeting. Growth hacking agencies take data, and use it as an outline to craft stories that they believe will resonate well with those particular profiles. They can then take these stories and, depending on how much information they have, target the demographic down to a single person. Basically, they are building stories based off the interests and attitudes of people.

While this can be a very strategic advertising maneuver, and one even we incorporate in our routine, we at Rock Candy Media always have had a different way of looking at things. We pose the question – “Why rewrite a story, when you can tell a new one?” What we mean by this is, instead of structuring brands and messaging based off peoples already formed interests, why don’t we expose them to new interests? Instead of riding the wake of people’s attitudes, why don’t we make them feel differently about something?

Most Austin branding agencies immediately focus on how they can replicate, while we focus on how we can generate. Generate new ideas, concepts, strategies, and stories. One, that could be yours.

So if you’re tired of the same X,Y, Z marketing campaign, sit down with the founder of growth hacking agency Rock Candy Media. What we tell you may or may not surprise you, but we know it will excite you.

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