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Aug 7, 2019    Burn Book

How to Create Brand Gravity


Making Planets Align

A composition of planets, stars, and possibly strangers of other dimensions, the galaxy is a strange and magnificent entity. While various theories, ideas, and statements have been made about the galaxy, there is one consistent variable that exists through it all – gravity. Giving shape to the orbits of the planets, solar systems, and neighboring galaxies, gravity bares a significant force. A significant force that is also present among some of the top advertising agencies in Austin.

In fact, without a potent gravitational pull, you will never even come close to being one of the top advertising agencies in Austin. The type of gravity we are talking about, however, isn’t the type of gravity that pulls you on your face, dollar slice in hand, on a drunk Manhattan night. The type of gravity we’re talking about is the vibe and energy that your digital marketing firm gives off to attract clients with powerful dreams and employees with brilliant minds. All with the common goal to make planets align and build brands to extraterrestrial heights.

But you can’t just strap magnets to your nipples and wave a sign above your head that says “we’re edgy” to create the right gravity around your digital marketing agency. It takes meticulous crafting, a passion to make heads turn, and liberated mindfulness.

Don’t Strain Your Neck

Whether you’re just starting a digital advertising firm, or your agency is pushing 40, you constantly have to be doing things that get people’s attention. Client work aside, the content that YOU produce on the agency’s behalf has to baffle, excite, and sometimes piss people off.

By producing off-the-cuff content that you wouldn’t see a typical branding and design agency publish, you are guaranteed to retain an audience’s attention. The reason being is because you’ve developed an unpredictable nature. People want to see what you’ll do next. And from a marketing perspective, having an audience anticipating and trying to guess what you’ll do next is right where you want them.

But you have to be careful not to go crazy with wild expressions and randomosity. You have to maintain a level of controlled chaos. While it’s your job to radiate an innovative, visceral, creative agency, you must also present yourself as a digital marketing firm that someone can trust their company with. Which for a lot of the startups we work with are everything to them.

If you can maintain that balance, you will be a brightly lit beacon that companies across the state will come paddling too to design their brands and sell their products. But consistency is key, and retainment is essential. You must be consistent with exciting expressions to create the right gravity, but instill a liberated mindset to retain it.

Unlocking Free Thought

No digital marketing firm or design agency with a narrow perspective has ever been successful in retaining clients. By limiting your belief spectrum and only taking into account the things you know for certain are true, you weaken your gravitational force and limit the range of talent and clients to work with.

Building an attractive brand for a digital marketing agency means constructing it from several different ideas, different people and modes of inspiration. If you constrict your peripherals and only absorb certain kinds of content or ideate in limited ways, you won’t attract people who think differently. The reason this is so important is because consumers all think differently. In millions of different ways. So you need copywriters, designers, and developers who think in millions of different ways too.

If you’re interested in learning what it takes to develop this type of mentality, where free thought and liberated creativity leads to innovative advertising strategies, drop us a line, and let’s create some brand gravity.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control