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Nov 10, 2011    Uncategorized

Building a Better Business Relationship


I’ve been trying to think of something to talk about for a week now and nothing ever seemed engaging enough. That’s when it clicked – in order to be engaging, you have to relate to your audience. The best way to relate to your audience? Build a relationship.

  1. Remember when you had a crush in school and you tried being exactly who they wanted to be? How often did that work out in the long run? Now, remember when you tried being yourself, but shared a few of the same interests? It probably worked out a lot better than the first time. You have to meet your clients half way. Let them know you’re an individual company, different from all the rest, but you have the same goals that they do and that you’re just as interested in them as they are in you.
  2. Communicate! Communication is KEY in any relationship, be it personal or business. If your company doesn’t have a clear means of communication internally, your company suffers. If you and your clients have poor communication, your partnership suffers.
  3. Don’t overestimate your relationship. Like personal relationships, business relationships should be nurturing. Determine what you and your client expect from one another. If they consider marketing part of an arrangement, but you don’t, discuss it. Come to an agreement that will satisfy both parties.
  4. Offer rewards. These small acts of appreciation will show your client that you care about your business partnership and will strive to get them the results they want, plus more.
  5. Visit your clients. Do you always have meetings with clients at your offices? No go. Branch out and have a few meetings with your clients at their offices. Not only does this help you learn more abouttheir company, but it shows clients that you take the time to acknowledge them outside of your “realm”.


Building relationships is crucial if you want your company to succeed, so what tricks of the trade do you follow when building that special business bond?

We at Rock Candy Media would love to hear it! And don’t be shy, drop us a line if you’re interested in meeting us!

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