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Feb 15, 2019    Burn Book

Burn the Resumes: Good Ideas Are Faceless


The creativity food chain

As the Boss, Owner, and CEO of a branding agency, you’re responsible for putting your face on almost every angle of the company. When someone sends an email, when a final product is delivered, when a mistake is made, everything is reflected through the person at the top of the podium

Most people usually see the owner of an advertising agency, or any company at that, as having the most freedom and leisure to do what they please. And while they might set their own schedules, it is usually dictated by the agendas of the several varying clients the agency represents. Phone calls with investors. Meetings with leads. Business conferences. Just to name a few. And the smaller a company is, the harder these several obligations become.

But still, most owners will tell you that one of the most important features they are responsible for is the finished work that comes out of their company. And Annie Liao Jones, owner of our Austin digital marketing agency, wouldn’t disagree.

So, if the finished product is one of the most important things that come out of an agency, there should be strict guidelines and rules that explain what “good work” is, right?


Good ideas are faceless

One of the several mentalities that Annie has impressed onto her employees is that if you have good work, you have good work. Stuck on a tagline? Invite the developer into the room and see what he has to throw at the board. Something might not land, but who knows how it might stimulate the creative process?

Or who knows how one word he or she mentions might trigger the thought of another idea in someone else’s head? The fact of the matter is, if you have a team full of smart people, they are going to do smart things, even if it’s not their specific field.

Good ideas exist on their own, and it doesn’t matter who or where they come from. One of our very own content strategists learned this after disagreeing with Annie on a topic. To the strategist’s surprise, she agreed. It didn’t matter that he was a recent grad who had only just come to the company. His explanation made sense and Annie respected that.

Good work comes in all shapes and sizes, and at our branding agency, we’ve got every size and shape. Come check us out.

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