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Oct 20, 2017    Good Company

Boss the Real Estate Bubble


The thought of bubbles probably doesn’t elicit fear from most people. Not unless somebody was once taking a bubble bath and a crazy person ran in and tried to toss a toaster into the tub with them, or something.

Most people aren’t afraid of bubbles, though, because most people don’t work in commercial real estate, where the word bubble conjures up images way more frightening than a lavender scented electrocution. To you, bubbles mean imminent doom — lost business, lost jobs, and lost opportunity.

For people with a commercial real estate business, a bubble, and the bursting of one, is an unfortunate fact of life. The market ebbs and flows, and you try to insulate yourself from the effects as best you can, but, ultimately, you aren’t immune.

It’s scary. Like, toaster in the tub, scary.

The market is volatile, but the strength of a commercial real estate business’s marketing can be what keeps it ahead of its competitors during the booms, and alive through the busts. The small and the weak go first. The clever survive, and the big brands have an easier time weathering the storm.

We want you to be big and clever. Like… a bear that can solve simple puzzles to get treats? We’re not really sure what a good example of something big and clever is, to be honest. A giant robot? Whatever. This analogy isn’t what’s important!

To us at Rock Candy Media, what’s important in successful commercial real estate marketing is the same as the key to running a successful commercial real estate business: to be fearless, clever, and relentless. Rock Candy Media is a commercial real estate marketing firm that takes chances and never stops working to make your brand stand out and keep growing.

We are constantly refining and improving our commercial real estate marketing strategies to keep our clients ahead of competitors and outside the bubbles. Above them. We do whatever it takes to make sure your business is succeeding, regardless of what’s going on.

We are market-proof marketers.

Diversified Commercial Real Estate Marketing Experts

Not to brag, but we’re good at a lot of stuff. Student housing marketing, off campus housing marketing, multifamily marketing, senior living marketing, business real estate marketing etc.

Whether you need help with commercial real estate marketing in one of those areas, or all of them, or whatever else, we will execute. Hard.

Rock Candy Media’s commercial real estate marketing team is staffed with experts in SEO, digital marketing, graphic design, print, research, traditional media, social media, digital media and content, video, and more.

We have reach of an Austin ad agency and the capabilities of an Austin design firm. All in one place.

We’ll give you all the digital real estate you need.

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