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Apr 6, 2016    White Board

Believe In Yourself! 15 Inspirational Quotes We Just Made Up


If you spend much time in digital marketing, you’ll invariably run into one of the most popular forms of content – the inspirational quote. Superimposed over a scenic starscape, or a yogi making a pose atop a mountain or, like, a weird close up of a leaf, these wise words from famous figures of the past (and reality TV stars of the present) help thousands of social media addicts live their dreams every day.

However, what makes Steve Prefontaine or Gandhi a more worthy oracle of inspiration than anyone else? Their heroic deeds and amazing stories? Fiddle faddle. We like to think being the best advertising agency in Austin is reason enough to go down in history, so we’re offering you 15 inspirational quotes to get you through the day, courtesy of Rock Candy Media.

“Leader is just another word for someone with the courage to lead.” – Rock Candy Media

“In the dojo of life, you are the sensei.” – Rock Candy Media

“To achieve true success, you’ve got to kiss opportunity on the first date.” – Rock Candy Media

“Superman has a cape. I have a laptop.” – Rock Candy Media

“When it comes to business, you can be the vomit or the sawdust.” – Rock Candy Media

“On the road to success, try to take as few bathroom breaks as possible.” – Rock Candy Media

“If you shoot for the stars, shoot to kill.” – Rock Candy Media

“GRATITUDE isn’t a four letter word.” – Rock Candy Media

“The difference between success and failure is perspective.” – Rock Candy Media

“The fattest frog is the hungriest.” – Rock Candy Media

“SUCCESS. Start. Using. Creative. Competencies. Especially. Successful. Strategies.” – Rock Candy Media

“There’s a reason you’ve heard of Old Faithful.” – Rock Candy Media

“People ask, ‘Why run a marathon?” I ask, ‘Why not run two marathons? Why not run four marathons? Why ever stop running?’” – Rock Candy Media

“If your dreams are so small that you couldn’t overrun a small nation, you’re doing life wrong.” – Rock Candy Media

“Books won’t teach you everything. Sometimes you need to go online.” – Rock Candy Media

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