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Apr 27, 2012    Uncategorized

Beat the Uninspired Blues


It’s finally Friday after a long week of work and I’m sure the last thing anyone wants to do is read a long, text-y blog. Today I wanted to explore guerilla marketing campaigns because I feel like I’ve been lacking in the inspiration field lately; and, what better way to rejuvenate my creative juices and keep you loyal readers intrigued than a post full of rad, unique creative advertisements and ideas? Here we go!

First, with the introduction of the new timelines for Facebook pages and profiles, let’s start with some creative ideas executed exceptionally:

Even though it’s a personal profile, Antonio Fadda made the coolest cover and profile picture. I especially love his pixilated ID photo!


I think this might be the best use of timeline I’ve seen! Giuseppe clearly took his creativity above and beyond.


Moving on to business pages, Ford made great use of their offices and landscape by adding their logo “into” the photo.


Fluke also made great use of showcasing their company by highlighting a few of their products. They kept their logo simple and easy to see amongst the array of tools.


And we have to give props to fellow Austinites… love this super cute graphic by Lauren Myers.


I’ll end with Travis Keith’s great use of QR codes. He set his up to go to his online portfolio, which is an awesome idea for businesses and freelancers alike!


Next up are some guerilla marketing ads by Denver Water. They are awesome and really show you the misconceptions with water use and waste. My favorites are below and you can view the rest here.



How about some commercials now? This is a great ad by Tropicana. Using the main ingredient for your product to power your advertisement? Genius!
Tropicana: Orange Powered Billboards



The Hangover Monster by Portuguese medicinal company Guronsan is targeted marketing at its finest.



And finally, my favorite ad of all time, La Machine à voyager. No ad has made me happier than this one.
La Machine a voyager


Have you seen any ads that inspire you, brighten your day; ads that evoke emotions from something so simple? If you’re out in the world today, you probably see them everywhere. Successful marketing, advertising, and creative ideas like these are pivotal no matter what you’re trying to sell, be it yourself or a marble made from sand. If done correctly, you can sell just about anything.

So what are you favorite ads? Have you seen any creative Facebook timeline covers? Share them! We love inspiration and we love seeing what inspires you.

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