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Jul 18, 2018    Good Company

Baller Beginnings


At the beginning of the 21st century, Austin, Texas was not a place you would think of a digital marketing agency to start up. In fact, if you were to say the phrase “search-engine optimization,” on a stroll down 6th street, you’d surely be met with some concerned looks. But at the brim of that first decade, in 2009, our curious little creative ad agency called Rock Candy Media decided to kick up some dust and see we they can do with this here world. And kick up dust we did.

Although we are referred to today as one of the top creative advertising and branding agencies, there is no realm we shy away from. From squatting in an Ikea to make a viral video to selling our own line of biodegradable shower curtains – just to show we walk the talk – we felt it was our purpose, as one of the best Austin advertising agencies, to create. Whether it was creating marketing campaigns, authoritative brand identities, or defining what video content should be, we propelled ourselves ahead of all the other creative agencies who claim to understand a company’s brand. Because, as a branding agency, we don’t claim anything besides the fact that when you work with us we will give you 110 percent, or nothing at all. We will never know more about what our clients do than they do, and hopefully, they don’t know more about digital marketing than we do. That’s why collaboration has been key to our success, and success to us is keeping our clients’ corporate identities authentic to them. We’ll fight the good fight to keep it real.

Have any doubts? Well our fearless leader Annie Liao Jones, the ass-kicking, norm-challenging, mom, and founder of Rock Candy Media, doesn’t care how many Clios sit on top of her desk and no, she wasn’t knighted by Queen Elizabeth. What matters to her, and the rest of the crowd at Rock Candy Medi ,is a client who will invite her to speak at their client’s annual sales meeting after an all-star campaign, because it was a two-way process that conveyed that they really gave a f#@* about their brand. Not just the paycheck. Bet you’re curious now aintcha? Well, scroll down, shoot us a message, and let’s have a chat.

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