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Sep 19, 2014    Burn Book



B2B = Boring to Basic

I have a random hate, and I’ve got it bad for #B2Bmarketing strategy.

Business to business has this irritating tendency to write ads implying that companies are some sort of conglomerate robotic entity- incapable of hearing anything that isn’t cold logic and specs.

Bleep bloop blorp, BizUnit001 cannot compute process “Emotion”.

Give me a break, right? I own a business that I built from the ground up, but just because I can keep going at sales accrual till midnight doesn’t mean I’m an actual robot. So with that in mind, why do so many B2B marketing strategies revolve around the idea that I am?

If you have 1,000 emails in a day plus a dozen #LinkedIn #Inmailmessages per hour trying to sell you on vendor superiority, especially if you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing the one you have (which, um, is pretty much ALWAYS), would you be swayed by the same boring tech speak you already get with every Google targeted ad? Would your eyes even SEE it at that point?
Because I won’t lie I’ve pretty much got like Terminator vision when it comes to those kinds of subject lines.

Basically what I’m staying is this: If you want real conversions, you need to write your copy like you’re selling to a person. Every one of your leads is a consumer at the end of the day. Whether they know it or not, they are following trained behaviors when it comes to purchasing.

Once we find the right brand of something even as everyday as toilet paper- that’s the brand we buy, and it’ll take more effort than telling me ‘Feel the 6,000 sheets per roll difference’ if I don’t feel like switching it up. Vending is exactly the same.

Insist on having B2B (ahem remember everyone is a consumer at the end of the day and that affects how they will buy at work) content that is thought-provoking as well as informative. your conversion rate goes nowhere, and your business goes nowhere. So unless you’ve got some ‘The Producers’ type of scheme going, it’s time to step up your interbusiness ad game.

The psychology is all #B2C folks – framing it to a #B2B audience by keeping this in mind is #whatwedo

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