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Jan 18, 2019    Burn Book

It’s a Hot Tub Party and You Might Be Invited


One of a Kind

There’s not a lot of places you walk into where the CEO of a brand consulting agency is spanking the owner of another company, who by the way is wearing a sexy Santa costume while posing for a picture. But then again, there’s not a lot of places like our Austin creative agency.

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Now, if you were to walk into the office building of a typical Madison Avenue Advertising Agency and happened across a strategy meeting, chances are you would hear the words “legacy”, “tradition”, and “decade-old marketing recipe with a proven track record” repeated several times. Minus the shenanigans that are constantly happening at our headquarters.

And if you were to compare these two types of agency models, ours and the Mad ave’s, you’d probably notice a lot of differences. But what we continue to find as the main differential between us and the suits, are the clients we choose to work with.

Start ‘er up

Some agencies choose to work with clients based on hard-crunched numbers and how profitable they’re predicted to be. Or how long of a legacy they have and what conglomerate they’re branched under. And while those might seem like great reasons to start a partnership, our Austin creative agency bases it off how ballsy they are and how much of a risk they’re willing to take. And we’ll tell you now, the ballsiest and hungriest clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with have all been startups.

Startups know that if they want to grow their business, they’re going to have to take risks. Not only that, the individuals apart of these startups usually created the company themselves. They’ve essentially been a part of that progress since it’s conception and have ingrained themselves into the very framework of its composition. Which makes them very passionate and committed individuals, through and through.

And as branding consultants, we owe it to clients like them for making us one of the top ad agencies in Austin Tx. They’ve let us do our best work because of the trust they had in us, and in return saw the results. When we enter a pattern like this, firing off social campaigns, seizing unpaid media coverage, capturing top bidding keywords, the magic really starts happening. And that’s when a “startup”, starts becoming a brand. It’s when a brand, starts becoming a thriving company.

But we’ll tell you now, this trust between media advertising companies and the clients they work with doesn’t just fall in your lap. Unfortunately, it’s artificial in a lot of relationships. Which don’t end up lasting that long anyway. We at Rock Candy Media fight that artificiality and refuse to ever be a part of it. Our way of doing that is by having a thick and vibrant culture. We set the hot tub to a certain temperature, and if you can’t handle the jets, we’re probably not going to be the right fit. But if you can, well, let’s just say we’re going to have quite the hot tub party

Setting the temperature

As Rock Candy Media nears it’s 10 year anniversary, there’s a lot that we look back on that’s contributed to the energy, vibe, and overall message of our Austin creative agency. From working out of an Ikea, to starting our own clothing line, to spray painting town hall Rock Candy Blue, we’ve established a culture of limitless expectation as a branding consultant. And when we partner with a client who shares this perspective of limitless expectation, we know there’s bound to be fireworks.

If the work you’re doing for clients becomes as fun and refreshing as the relationship you share with them, you’re in a good place. And one of the best ways to do that is by doing new and exciting work. Taking chances. Not using “decade-old marketing recipes” more used up than a high-schoolers gym sock. Those ideas were thought up when executives still called escorts on rotary phones. It’s time to move on fellas! The time for tomorrow is now. And we’re racing people to the horizon.

So if you’re in the mood to hot tub party, then drop us a line. We’ll be sure to put you on the guest list.

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