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May 13, 2019    Good Company

People Don’t Believe My Boss Exists Part 13


Nik Garza – Director of Social Media
When I came across the job posting for Director of Social Media at Austin branding consultancy, Rock Candy Media, I was immediately intrigued by the wording of the description. After reading that, “The CEO hires you to be smarter than her, she wants you to be smarter than her, and you get raises based on changing her mind”, I immediately grew curious. It’s not every day where you are encouraged by your boss to be more and to do more. Even more than the boss HERself! And for that reason, I felt like this tenacious, yet humble Austin advertising agency would be perfect for me.

After a couple of skills tests, I finally got an interview with the overly-stimulated, A.D.D., spaz queen herself….THE Annie Liao Jones. It was understood very quickly that Annie speaks her mind and her mind is all over the place, let me tell you. Annie has the creative brain functionally of a full blow stoner in Denver, Colorado mixed with the energy of a strung out 4-year-old who destroyed an entire bag of candy the day after Halloween all strewn into some marketing wizard from the year 3030. And as a result, is able to produce personalized advertising techniques that target all three of those demographics – and everyone in between.

Unhinged and Unbothered

After getting serious for a brief 2.4 seconds, I started to get the impression that behind the bold personality of someone who makes sure to get-shit-done, that there was a completely unhinged entrepreneur that channels her energy into a business with a purpose.

After researching Rock Candy Media online, I expected something of the sort, but there is something about Annie that can’t be explained in words. Something you just have to experience for yourself. When you meet her, you have mixed emotions, but you get taken in like a sidewalk sale. You don’t know what you are going to get, you just have to browse, and every so often you find a hidden treasure.

Since day one at this Austin advertising agency, I get the vibe that being different and doing things differently is strongly encouraged in this madhouse. See, Annie created an environment at her branding agency that sparks ideas and encourages the team to find solutions for clients that aren’t your conventional vanilla flavored campaigns. We not only add the cherry on top, but we bring the chocolate, sprinkles, and a prank candle for the final touch.

It’s nice to be in a setting where my ideas can be heard and taken into consideration and for that reason, I am excited to be apart of the environment that Annie has created. I look forward to getting lost in all the madness at this loud and proud Austin marketing agency.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control