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Mar 23, 2020    Burn Book

Your Ideal Audience Is the One You Never Thought Of


A determined fisherman will do just about anything to get that perfect catch. You’ve got the anglers, who will scale a sheer cliff and sit atop a loose boulder, just to get a better cast on that fishing hole where catfish graze. You’ve got the spearfisher, a less patient but more precise fisherman, who swims with the likes of sharks and other aquatic predators to snag their catch. As you can tell, despite their modest portrayal, these men and women are ambitious by nature.

When we start thinking about the determination, willpower, and perseverance that these rodmen have, there is a lot that makes us think of our own marketing and growth hacking agency in Austin. Like these fishermen, we too go to extreme heights and incredible measures to help our clients find the perfect catch over and over again.

While sportsmen may call it fishing, we call it audience targeting. And in place of a rod and reel, we use the several SMM, SEO, SEM, PR, and marketing tools at our disposal to catch our 1,000-pound marlin.

What Makes Good Targeting?

Like any fisherman will tell you, skill and consistency comes with time. Knowing when to give some tease or when to reel that sucker in. Knowing where to cast and knowing how long is too long to have your bait sitting idle. It all comes with experience. And it’s no different when it comes to digital marketing and audience targeting.

In our decade of experience as a full-scale marketing agency in Austin, we’ve learned a lot about audience targeting. Like knowing when a pond (market) is tapped, where customers are and aren’t biting, and when to cast out (inbound marketing) and when to switch to a spear (outbound marketing).

While we’ve developed a lot of valuable and strategic insights about this sector of marketing, one factor always holds true: your ideal audience is the one you never thought of.

The Secret Admirer

A portion of this mystery audience that you never thought to consider is called your secret admirers. They are the ones who peer at you from behind their locker, checking your Twitter feed and homepage for any product updates or new content coming from your business every so often.

You never really considered your secret admirer, not because of distaste or personal choice, it just never crossed your mind that they might be a consumer who loves your brand and would shop your product.

While the secret admirer does have an adoration towards your company, the fact that you’re not pursuing them as fervently as your target audiences make them shy or wary that your brand will really align with them. While some of them might convert once, depending on what your product or service is, they might not come again.

When it comes to finding your secret admirer, it’s as easy as hiding out and waiting for him or her to slip a note in your locker and leave an impression. In terms of digital marketing, this consists of scraping traffic data, user engagement, buyer behavior, and other fragments of information to narrow it down and find that covert customer. Once you know who it is, you can go up, say hello, and finally introduce yourself.

Secret admirers are one crowd in the masses of unknown audiences you never considered, but what about the customers and audiences that you’re fully aware of, and never had the courage to go up and talk to? The ones that you actually have a bit of a crush on and would love to shop your brand?

The Beth Coopers

The audience and clients you thought you could never get. Forget converting them as a client, you never even thought it was possible to get their attention. As a microbrand trying to market yourself or a startup trying to get your foot in the door, odds are you probably have a lot of Beth Coopers.

The retailer that you never thought would pick up your line of hoodies and sell them in their stores. The VC firm that you never thought would believe in your idea. That worldwide manufacturer who you never thought would consider buying and utilizing your technology. They’re all Beth Coopers. And we’re here to tell you one thing: SHOOT YOUR SHOT.

With the right strategic marketing tactics and an unbelievable brand, the results you get might shock you, leaving your heart fluttering and your stomach in knots. We know how to change the tone of your messaging and the direction of your content to speak on different levels, to different audiences. Some of which you might be unfamiliar with and not quite sure how to appeal to.

All we ask of you is your confidence and the passion you have for sharing your brand with the world. You bring that, we’ll bring the rest, and open you up to new markets and audiences that you never thought were obtainable.

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