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Dec 20, 2017    Burn Book

Video: No Posers Allowed


“Have my back.”

I say that to my creatives maybe twenty times a day.

“Have my back.”

I run a media and advertising company. I need my creatives to have my back because I have to have all my clients’ backs. They’re my bosses. That’s the way it should work with marketing and advertising companies. For me to do that, I can never be fake. People tell me all the time that I always talk the same to everyone. It’s because I’m just wired that way. Mainly it’s because that’s what the people paying me their money deserve.

And yeah, sure, sometimes that can scare a potential client. But that prospect doesn’t scare me, because it lets me know they might not be a good culture fit with our ad agency. If they’d rather have yes-men task monkey ad agencies in Austin doing their work for them, their loss. (Literally.) Life’s too short to work with people you don’t like.

But keystrokes are cheap. Here’s some proof that I’m not fake. Not with clients. Not with my employees. Not even with Gwyneth Paltrow. Sorry Gwyneth. #VoteForMe

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