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Sep 11, 2019    From the CEO

Ads Not Converting? It’s Definitively Not What You Think.


Ads not converting?

It might not be your copy, your graphics, or even your price point. It could be that your branding is all wrong.

As a top digital marketing agency in Austin, we know the industry like the back of our hand. We know how it changes, even if we can’t possibly predict it. We know trends and demographics and SEO like nobody’s business.

But what we know best? That’s branding. Strategically placing your business in a light that will convert at unprecedented rates.

If you’re shoveling promotion and marketing money into Facebook and Instagram ads and they’re not converting even after graphic and copy A/B testing — it’s time to look under the rug.

Because chances are, at this point, it’s not an issue with the ad or the demographic targeting. It’s an issue with your entire business. It’s an issue of branding.

What If Coca Cola Had Done It Wrong?

Take Coca Cola for example. Can you imagine a cola ad that’s serious, boasts the caffeine boost, or maybe capitalizes on a new no-sugar version therefore trying to come across as healthier than other sodas?

This imaginary Coca Cola could dump money into the Facebook furnace all day long,but people won’t convert because people wanting soda usually aren’t after something healthy, and they’re not after caffeine. They’re after something tasty and satisfying. That’s why Coca Cola panders to the joy of the drink — the feeling that you’re on vacation or with friends or whatever it may be.

The first try at branding wasn’t false necessarily, but it would have been the end of the company before it even began if that’s the way they tried to go.

Or what if we, as Rock Candy Media, wanted to refocus ourselves as one of the Best Law Firm Branding Agencies, focusing more in this industry than anywhere else? Aside from the fact that limiting ourselves that way sounds boring to us, upping our SEO game with studied law-related keywords would NOT do the trick. We would need to rebrand entirely, knowing our target audience isn’t going to automatically connect with a loud, fun brand, but rather a very put-together, old-and-therefore-trustworthy type brand. We could shovel money into SEO and social ads all day long, but that won’t convert the way a branding change would.

A Facebook Furnace With No Heat

One more example. A tech startup knows that their target consumers have a fear about their data being sold. Are you as the CEO going to opt for branding that boasts innovation, being higher tech than anyone else, the new kid on the block that’s so ahead of the game? Or, are you going to let this become apparent through careful landing pages and productization, while having branding focus on being trustworthy, or a family company, or personable?

Stop shoveling money into ads and then saying marketing doesn’t work (that’s how people end up with no soft skill team members and one PR blunder will be your death) when the issue isn’t the ad or the placement, but the vibe.

You Don’t ‘Hope’ It Converts, You MAKE It Convert.

Lucky for you, as vague as ‘vibe’ is, that’s what we specialize in. Strategic branding, precise placement, calculated and daring verbiage. It’s all up our alley, and our alley is way more lit than other branding agencies in Austin.

Our ‘competitors’ may call themselves Austin growth hackers, marketing firm extraordinaires, or full service advertising agencies. They’ll keep you for 2-3 years before you actually see any improvement, and that’s because the don’t see right to the core of the issue.

We, on the other hand, will make your brand convert. And you’ll see results 2-4x faster. It’s that simple. We’re not workhorses, white hat growth hackers, template makers, rule followers, or even just Austin marketing consultants. We’re the lenses you need to truly see what your business could be.

Sit down with our CEO to get a sneak peek.

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