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Apr 18, 2018    Burn Book

I Don’t Care About You


I going to be very blunt and honest. I don’t care that you netted over $1 million in sales this year. I don’t care that you opened up 50 new stores around Texas. I don’t care about the new downtown office you just opened. What I do care about is your story and the purpose you exist.

In 2018, brands can no longer be “me-centric.” Times are changing and people want to spend money on companies that have a story to tell. The most successful brands right now are the ones that evoke feeling and give their audience something to believe in. Consumers want that genuine connection and not a feeling of being forced to buy a product.

Ian Rowden states, “The best brands are built on great stories.” I can definitely relate to that, as well as just about everyone I know. Your story differentiates you from the crowd. Think about it, if you’re a company that sells trash cans what really sets you apart? I’m pretty sure everyone in America has a trash can in their house, so what makes your trash cans different from any other trash can? Your Story!

If was to start a company where I wanted to give homeless people the opportunity to start making a decent wage to clean litter from the streets, that would separate my trash can from the hundreds of other trash cans on the market. If you heard about my story, I can guarantee you that would evoke some sort of feeling and urge you to buy my product.

That’s an extreme example, but that’s how brands have to start thinking. That doesn’t mean you make up some far-fetched story, because that would destroy you before you even begin. But if you remain honest and inform people of your vision, tell your story, and engage the right audience, you’re well on your way towards having a successful company.

We can even take a look at Rock Candy Media. I’m currently here interviewing for a position here and, before yesterday, I didn’t know anything about this company. I’m at a point in my life where I’m very picky who I work for or with. After performing a couple hours of research, I knew that this is something I want to be a part of. I love Annie’s story how why she started RCM and how it grew to what it is today. Her story is what captured my attention and that’s exactly why I am here today.

So I don’t care about you, but I do care about your story and your purpose in life!

Written by guest contributor Brandon Boone

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