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Apr 13, 2018    From the CEO

People Don’t Believe Our Boss Exists, Part 3


Want the full intro to what this is about? Check out the introduction here. The TL;DR is this: our boss is a (slightly) crazy person who is ridiculously passionate about her advertising agency and her employees, and she sometimes she expresses herself in ways that might, maybe make her existence hard for some to believe.

Sometimes even her own employees need a minute. We get used to it though. (Mostly.) Take it from our two newest.

Danielle Kaigler, Digital Content Strategist
One of the first things that Annie tells you when you walk through the door is that she is all about the company culture. It isn’t just a saying and it isn’t just to cover her ass. It’s something that becomes abundantly, decidedly, fabulously clear as you get to know her. She is your bosom buddy, your ride-or-die, the Thelma to your Louise.

She will let you know when you’ve done something wrong. She will tell you bluntly, and without hesitation or a second thought. But she’ll also high-five you when you’ve kicked some ass, laugh with you when you crack a (usually filthy) joke, and express her genuine appreciation for you when you’ve gone the extra mile. She critiques, and she critiques hard. (Oh God, so hard.) But it is from a place of respect, and it is palpable just how much she wants each and every one of her people to thrive under her watch. It’s pretty dope.

Anthony Coffey, Developer
Annie is a boss b*tch but in a way that could make me smile from ear to ear on one of my worst days. Her intensity may not be for everyone — the weak and the timid, mostly. When we played our first “card game” in the office and (good natured) X-Rated accusations started flying around the table from employee to employee, with Annie as the lead inquisitor, I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on exactly, but it was fantastic.

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