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May 7, 2014    Industry Intrigue

A World of UXtacy


We are different because our lives outside the office are just as important to us as our lives inside the office. Instead of approaching the User Experience as outsiders trying to figure out what the consumer would like most, we work from the side of the consumer.

RCM puts themselves inside the User Experience in order to create an experience that not only our clients will be happy with, but as consumers ourselves, an experience we would love to interact with.

From a brand’s website to their social posts, user experience needs to be cohesive throughout the brands we work with. This way, the consumer gains a familiar feel throughout all interactions with the brand. With social media being a major factor in any brand’s marketing strategy, there are a number of points where a user might come into contact with a brand. None of these points are overlooked while creating a strategy for the brands we work with. Although UX is important in web design, any time a user has an experience with the brands we represent, we create a consistent and fulfilling experience.

The feel a user takes away from a brand is just as important as the brand itself. It defines a brand, and the experiences that the user encounters will determine that brand’s worth. No experience a user has with a brand can (or should) be taken for granted.

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