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The Art of Persuasion

Marketing, advertising, and public relations have always been about convincing people they need or want something. In a way, digital advocacy is what we do for all our clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a consumer product, a business service, or a piece of legislation––our goal is to make your cause seem absolutely necessary.

Rock Candy Media is a full service advertising agency for the field of advocacy.

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A team of specialists

The only way to come up with lead-generating advertising campaigns, manage social and search platforms, produce videos and animations, manage public relations and everything else we do, and still be great at it, is to assemble a team of rare talent with an inclination for collaboration.


Through social, email, and digital advertising tools, we can reach citizens who will back your cause and take action. Through it all we track results and optimize, optimize, optimize.


Simply spreading your message isn’t enough. Our designers, developers, and strategists are on top of the digital techniques and trends that provoke action.

Conflict (of interest) free

We do not take on clients in your arena, and we do not reuse the same old campaigns and techniques for every client. The RCM brain trust is exclusively yours.

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The first step to getting RCM for your advocacy firm is to meet the team in person, experience our board room manner, and get a positioning analysis.

Make next quarter give last year a run for its money. Start planning ahead and get your brand consulting and marketing strategy slated for August.