Rock Candy Media’s turnkey marketing, advertising and consulting services are everything your business needs to grow under one roof. We don’t particularly like dealing with 40 different vendors, and we suspect you don’t either. That’s why we’ve made Austin’s favorite full-service agency. It’s like having an in-house marketing team, but they live at someone else’s house.



A brand is a business’s personality: the way it acts, the way it talks, and the way it looks. It can put your product services in a bad light when done poorly, or a good light when done well.

We polish every element that makes up a brand: the standout name, the logo that pops, the memorable tagline, the unique voice, and the trademark look and feel.



Maybe there was a time when a phone line and an ad in the Yellow Pages was all a business needed to keep the customers and cash coming in. Sounds like a good time, but we’re not living in it. Now you have to be crafty to grab peoples’ attention. Our creative digital advertising campaigns are engineered to catch attention and drive sales.


Web Development

The fact that you’re reading this means you are aware that we can design and build a good looking website. Interactive is a natural for us, pivotal to just about any marketing strategy. Yes, social media has pushed the homepage from the forefront, but that still does not change that fact that if you don’t have a website, you basically don’t exist. And if you don’t have a responsive website that’s as easy on the eyes as it is easy to navigate, you’re better off not existing.


Strategic Partnerships

No business is an island. We seek out the companies, nonprofits, and other organizations that have similar goals or demographic reach to yours. We present them with the perfect pitch, then close the partnership that’s going to bring in new business for both groups. A strategic partnership strategy creates massive value with little expense.



You’ve heard of us, whether it’s through word of mouth, advertising or a little social media advertising optimization. The point is, we know how to be heard and we know how to change with times. Our business development consulting services give you the framework to capture more leads, identify new sales funnels and make more money. We want everyone to hear about you.


Media Planning / Buying

Ads need to be targeted, and impeccably timed, in order to make an impact. The creative output can be spot on but if the right people don’t see it, you’re shooting in the dark when you could be shooting fish in a barrel. Our media planning and buying services find you that barrel full of fish.



You might have noticed, our writing here has a particular style. And it probably isn’t the same as your company’s. That’s the key to great copywriting––narrowing in on the tone that perfectly matches a brand. Good copywriting is assertive, confident, and keen on expressing something that has not already been expressed by a million other brands.



Google hates your business. This statement applies to every business with the possible exception of Google itself. The only way to beat Google’s constantly changing standards, preferences and rules is to dive into them every day with a little intuition and a lot of know-how. Our search engine marketing services keep you at the top of the listings and your cost-per-click low.


Public Relations

Public relations is essential. Whatever it is your company does, you need to brag about it. Nobody will give you credit just for existing, so get a PR expert to be your bullhorn. It is harder to get noticed now than it was a few decades ago, so we sharpened our getting-noticed technique. Our approach to public relations is a proprietary blend of traditional PR, social media, and content marketing that actually helps reporters do their job, and extends the reach of your message. Since doing anything less would get the equivalent results of doing nothing at all.



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