This one’s for the freaks…

for the wild ones, on the seemingly endless journey in hopes of finding the perfect complement to the vision that has been so thoughtfully manifested into the brand they live for.

For those who have fought…

scrapped, and battled every hour to hold true to the founding beliefs that have been so carefully put into place.

This is for those,

who instead of living by the words of others, take a breath, take a leap, and gain their own experiences, blazing the path for those who follow.

And for those who…

accept nothing less than pure, unadulturated originality that will not only take them soaring above the bland, but will leave them knowing they left no stone unturned on their journey.

To the ones whose…

actions and ideas grab the attention of others so firmly, they must share with the world the innovations that are being materialized by those they explore with.

While this journey is just beginning,

your search is over. We are the artisans of branding, painfully driven, blazingly outspoken, guerrillas of marketing. We are the anti-template.

Rock Candy Media


We’d like to introduce ourselves…
We are RCM, and we want to tell you the last thing you’d expect to hear from an agency: everything you’ve been thinking about your company’s marketing – from your shining achievements to your deepest frustrations. Give us a chance to analyze your industry and get a fresh take on your brand’s own positioning.
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