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Throwing Shade
Gallery Design Center


Gallery Design Center’s products and services encompass a range of home upgrades for any room of the house. To give our efforts more focus, Rock Candy Media concentrated on the most profitable area: the floors. Then we came up with a way to boost their overall sales with a bit of solar power.



The Campaign

Gallery Design Center is highly rated home renovation expert with an upscale design gallery. After consulting with the client, we determined that our efforts should start from the ground up: with flooring, the biggest money-maker. However, there are plenty of flooring specialists around. So how do we differentiate GDC?

By killing two birds with one stone. GDC’s other area of expertise is window treatments. Our campaign tied solar screens in with the flooring push. The inspiration came from our research indicating the popularity of dark hardwood floors. Our creative sold homeowners on the addition of solar screens to protect their new dark flooring from fading. So we ended up selling two high ticket products to customers just seeking the one.