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The Good Kind of Traffic


All website traffic is not created equal. If people come to your website and leave without buying anything or making contact, what good does it do? The quality of site traffic is measured by a bounce rate – the % of visitors who leave shortly after visiting the site. Here, we took a new client and quickly increased the quality of the visitors, thereby dropping their bounce rate.


When a website’s bounce is low, it means the site is terrible, your site visitors are not a relevant audience, or both. ClearBlade, encountered a situation like the one described. They had a lot of website traffic, but an extremely high bounce rate.


We immediately went to work on a new website. In the meantime, we knew their current site could provide better results. We fine-tuned the targeting on all channels: more specialized keywords in search ads, more likely purchasers on social. Using heatmap software, we could identify which calls to action weren’t working. Analytics told us where traffic was dropping off. This intel guided the creation of a more effective website.


The lower bounce rate led to more conversions, and improved returns from the advertising spend. Visitors were spending an average of 10 minutes on the site, a clear indication of greater interest in the company and its products.


Once the ads had been optimized, we saw a 12% drop in bounce rate–meaning more people were spending time on their website. After a new and vastly improved site went live, the bounce rate dropped by 43% to reach a low of 23%.